Acroyoga Calgary supports a culture of play and safety. We desire these elements to be present in Acroyoga in Calgary.


Foremost, Acroyoga is about play. We love co-creation, discovery, fun, community, and platonic and supportive touch.


To maximize fun, we strive to create a safe environment where we can fully explore. Acroyoga Calgary wants to foster an environment of emotional and physical safety. We are aware of Consent, Kindness, Respect, and Open Communication. We support the use of spotters and making safe choices.

Acroyoga Calgary embodies a culture where individuals are comfortable saying no. We wish to create an environment where 'no' is respected and everyone observing it are comfortable receiving it.

Teacher Expectations

Acroyoga Calgary expects our teachers to create a safe space for students. This means providing appropriate progressions for only skills students fully understand, and for which they can provide informed consent. Acroyoga Calgary expects our teachers to be attentive to student's boundaries.