Friday, March 29th to Sunday, March 31st, 2024

Calgary Gymnastics Centre North

2638 Country Hills Blvd NE, Calgary AB T3N 1A7, Canada

Welcome back to the biggest Canadian gathering of the spring!

14 hours of acroyoga focused workshops with simultaneous beginner & advanced classes, with an evening event on Saturday night.

Teacher List:

Erica Stables, Aiden Lamb, Adam Pike, Debbie Collis, Reno Gorman, Cody Tudor, Jessica Laporte, Moody Sheikh, Nicole Scott, Matthew Learning, Matt the Pilot, Azahlia Day, Alisha Jukes, Anne-Marie Hivert, Bryce Hodgkinson, Crystal Nardico, Elliot Fudge, Solana Crowe, Felicia Nardella, Hayley Silberg, Jamie Marshall, Janice Nguyen, Josh Kyllo, Morgan Pack, and Sarah Shaneman

Payment & Pricing:

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Full Pass - $265 (Stripe)
2-Day Pass - $225 (Stripe)
Friday Pass - $120 (Stripe)
Saturday Pass - $155 (Stripe)
Sunday Pass - $120 (Stripe)

picture schedule below!

PRE-FEST: 5 hours of Reverse Hand to Hand, taught by Cody Tudor & Reno Gorman, beginning 9am on Friday the 29th. Full festival pass does not include pre-fest. Pre-fest sold separately, see below.

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Pre-Fest: Reverse H2H

with Cody Tudor & Reno Gorman

Friday March 29, 2024

9AM - 3PM

With 1 hour lunch break at the location as the festival

Train Reverse H2H for 5 hours at the Pre-Fest! Some progressions will assist bases and flyers new to the skill to form a foundational practice, and in addition to building a solid reverse hand to hand practice, several entries from the ground into standing reverse hand to hand will also be covered. Time permitting an exit or two will be included.

If you don’t have a standing practice don’t worry; our pre-fest intensive can help you move your ground practice to a standing practice as well as strengthen your ground practice.


Just like the main festival with instructions above, you can e-transfer or you can click the stripe link below:

$105 (Stripe)

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